Vancouver Wedding & PreWedding photo studio What is a Pre-wedding?And why should you have one?

What is a pre-wedding session?

A pre-wedding session is often referred as engagement session but with wedding dresses. Like the name suggests, it is a photoshoot done 4~6 months prior to the wedding day.




The reason for pre-wedding is…

Vancouver is known for its unpredictable weather. We could have up to 4 different seasons in a day even during summer! However, a pre-wedding session could be rescheduled, but it would be a hectic challenge to reschedule a wedding day. We always recommend investing in rescheduling fees and wait for the beautiful soft golden hour that we at JuMi Story adore.

It is also rare to schedule a photo session on wedding day during golden hour (In Vancouver, it’s 5 pm during winter and 8:30 pm during summer) as the golden hour is usually during dinner time. In conclusion, you would have the highest quality photos with less amount of stress compared to the wedding day. Some would even consider conceptualizing their shoot with themes. Lastly, why wouldn’t any girl want to pull off more than one style of dress in her lifetime?

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The origin of pre-wedding is…

To our understanding, pre-wedding is introduced in Asia, usually taken inside a photo studio with full-on wedding attires. The couple would then go on a full-day shoot and go through many style changes and location changes. The photos will be then used towards invitation designs, wedding RSVP websites and reception canvas display.




Modern day pre-wedding…

Nowadays modern day pre-wedding is outdoor and the style varies from fashion, film, studio, outdoor, candid, and dreamy. Most people would choose 3 locations in a day for the shoot and some may work with multiple companies on different days to acquire multiple styles of pre-wedding style.

The wedding gown, tux, makeup & style as well as props (including veils, fun display signs, and accessories) are usually provided by the photography studio as part of the package.

Brides would usually be presented with plenty of different dress selections ranging from white to color to black. It is highly recommended to choose a different style than the one bride would be wearing on the actual wedding day.

Bride’s make up & hair would also be slightly more adventurous/heavier comparing to the wedding day make up & hair which would be more natural & beauty focused.

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How far in advance should we book pre-weddings?

Minimum 2~3 months before you mail out your invitation cards

Week 1~2: Booking + scheduling dates with the photographer & makeup artist

Week 3: Shooting

Week 4: Photo selection

Week 6: Retouched photos + communications on retouching

Week 7: Final images complete

Week 7.5: Printing invitation cards (5~10 business days or Canvas (1 month)

Week 10: Prints are ready, time to send those invitation cards!

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