What to prepare for your boudoir shoot

What to bring

Bra and panties: Bring a varied selection of bra and panty sets. We will start with classic black and add colors and patterns. Push up bras are great choices too. Mismatched bra and panties can be fun too!

High heels: Three inches or more for the killer look! You won’t need to walk in them so the higher the better! Nude color goes well with any outfit. Black heels are a staple, but anything with bling or is strappy is the best! Stay away from wedges for this session, they can stay home.

Something of his: If this is something for your significant other, then definitely bring something from his wardrobe. It could be one of his favorite ties, a button-up shirt. This could add a personal touch and sexy to him, and the more you put into it, the more he appreciates it.

Corsets & Bustiers: These are great options and really make your waist look narrow.

Accessorize: Bring varieties of jewelry such as necklace, pearl, diamonds, lace, big and small earrings. These jewelry could make for great props and make a statement.

Lingerie: A baby doll nightie, vintage slip, corsets with thigh high stockings, a garter belt, these are all great choices!

Other tips:

Bring your outfit with a hanger to reduce wrinkles and fold lines.

Bring red or gold on top of black so that there are varieties and make a statement.

Try on your clothes before the session to ensure that it fits.

Brand new outfit would be best, or perhaps worn lightly.

Wear what you feel confident and sexy in!

lacy & sheer demi-cup bras are better than fully covered ones worn for t-shirt.

Casual wear is great too such as a soft sweater to pull off your shoulders.

Be hydrated all the other days but don’t drink excessive water the night before.

Don’t wax 4 days before the session to avoid red bumps and irritation.

Stay away from salty food, fried foods, and alcohol to avoid bloating.

Wear loose fitting clothing on the day of the session to avoid stress marks on your body.