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JuMi Story represents the culmination of our journey as artists. For 4 years, we forged our paths concurrently yet separately as Kunioo and Miya Gu Photography. Ju(Jun) saw photography as a lens for artful storytelling; Mi (Miya) used photography to transport viewers to a dreamy plane of soft colours. Coming together now means bringing out the best in each other—and you. With our different techniques and personalities, we’ll be able to frame your most important day with the style you desire.

Having honed our craft and also feeling ready to take our relationship to the next level, it only made sense to create JuMi. With a focus on pre-weddings and portraits, we are bringing together like-minded artists and hope to take them outside of their comfort zones to capture and create art that makes them truly passionate.

Our goals with JuMi Story are to understand people and inspire them. We will surely be inspired along the way and we hope that you join us on this new chapter of our journey as we share our story and help tell others smile emoticon