Hold My HandAdrienne & Greg

Four years ago, Greg met the most beautiful woman, Adrienne. They met, fell in love, and now they are married. A true cliché but a good one. Only Adrienne and Greg know the full love story in detail, but for us, all we need to know is that it started with a simple “Hello”.

It all begins with a greeting – an introduction that jump-starts the relationship. Who knows if you’ve missed your soul mate because you were too afraid to say “Hi” to that stranger? But when you bring your barriers down and let someone in, the adventure awaits. Along the way, you discover the big things and the little things about one another and before you know it, you have fallen in love with everything. It is in the moment that seems to last forever, looking into each other’s eyes even the silence tells you: You’re in love with your best friend.

Adrienne and Greg found their best friend in each other and to no surprise, they also found their true love. So when you have found him or her, hold their hand tightly and do not let go. These are the hands of your best friend, holding yours, as you promise to love each other on your wedding day, tomorrow, and forever. These are the fingers, intertwining with yours, that bond your love. Hold on to their hand and walk or run or leap into the journey you have ahead because it has only begun.