Emanating HappinessAsuka & Brandon

When we recall Asuka and Brandon’s wedding day, the biggest apparent aspect was the pure happiness emanating from Asuka and Brandon. We knew a lot of the details of their love story from the very first consultation we had with them.

How their relationship had formed nearly a decade ago.
How they were long distance and spent time separately from each other.
How family and friends played supportive roles in their lives.

But even with all that, we were totally unprepared for the emotions that came to us in the banquet hall that night. Two hundred attentive guests listened and watched in the room that evening during the toasts. It was something else entirely. We had heard some speeches before.. but man. Everyone who stood up on that podium knew and had cared so deeply for Asuka and Brandon, and it showed in everyone’s faces.

So it wasn’t just the location, the delicious sablefish for dinner, and the decadent chocolate desserts! It was the company of good people, who poured their hearts out and made us feel something. We remember the welling of tears from within the team, nodding at each other across the room as we got the moments on camera. We were speechless for the remainder of the evening. Part of it was because we had lumps forming in the back of our throats :p

Sometimes, life hands us an incredibly special opportunity. We just want to thank everyone for inviting us to take part, because we could have never guessed from the start that we would be witness to such an emotional and memorable day in someone else’s lives.