UBC + SFU = LoveJun & Weber

Miya first received the email from a bride called Jun from Taiwan. Confused as Miya was, she thought that her own partner Jun wrote a prank letter and wasn’t sure what to reply. It wasn’t until a few exchanged emails did Miya learned that this sweet couple had much common with JuMi.

Jun and Weber’s story started at their friend’s BBQ party at Burnaby Marine Park. Jun went to SFU and Weber graduated from UBC. Upon graduation they moved back to Taiwan for their career, but Vancouver remains somewhere that holds memories. Jun and Weber flew all the way back to Vancouver for the pre wedding photos so we could capture what meant the most to them.

Coming from the rival schools UBC and SFU. They were both hilarious, good looking, kind, and fun seeking. Throughout the shoot at UBC, SFU and Marine Park, we were also constantly filled with their high energy. Who would have known that, both Jun (with JuMi) and Jun (Weber’s wife) went to the same school, share the same hometown, and both Weber and Miya went to the same university as well! (It was very much of a team UBC vs. team SFU that day)

We all laughed about our resemblance, as we spend a whole day digging into their story. It’s a joy we look forwarding to having with every couple.

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