How Jun met Miya

How Jun (Ju) and Miya (Mi) met—that is a high-tech love story for the ages.  Mi was a business school freshman who yearned for a life of art and passion.  Ju was the token photographer of his graduating class with the skills to back him up.  Mi found herself mesmerized by Ju’s work on her feed one day and requested his friendship.  After browsing her yearlong self-portrait project, Ju was happy to accept and even asked her out on a photo-walk.  Both artistically-minded with a passion for storytelling and shared interests in board games, sweets and cute cat videos, it was not long until they were creating projects and travelling together.  They referred to their documented memories as “the JuMi project”.

Ju and Mi formed a team with other artists as JuMi Story four years after they met.  Both established photographers and videographers in their own right, Ju and Mi agree that every moment in life is worth celebrating, although they may take different stylistic approaches when documenting them.  JuMi Story specializes in capturing and stylizing love because Ju and Mi believe in their love as much as they believe in yours.  JuMi story is a love story after all, one for just you and me.



Jun (Ju the composer)

Jun gained the eye of a photographer when thieves broke into his home and stole his father’s film camera.  The insurance company replaced it with a digital one, which Jun’s father passed down to him.  Jun became inseparable from it and discovered that photography represented his passion, his dream and his life.  His found that his camera was a bridge that allowed him to experience others’ lives as he documented them, so he set out to polish his skills and capture lasting moments.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious,” countless friends and acquaintances have told him.  Jun strongly believes in bringing out the most natural emotions through his own energy.  At its core, photography paints subjects’ emotions with light and Jun want his photographs to breathe life.  They have to speak, they have to tell a story and they have to have meaning.  He always dreamt of leading a meaningful life and photography makes that possible.

  • Top 30 under 30: Canadian Wedding Photographers
  • 2019 Finalist: World Wedding Photography Contest (84 countries)
  • 3rd place: Professional Wedding Photographers in Canada. (Winter 2012 Awards)


Miya (Mi the artist)

“Did you say ice cream?”  Miya is easily fascinated and inspired by her surrounding.  Her life is all about dreams and making them come true, including yours.  A dancer and a painter, Miya carries her love for art in all aspects of her life.  Her imagination has no limits and her artwork typically evokes a fantasy full of childhood colours.  Upon discovering the magic of photography, the camera became her paintbrush and her new tool to tell Cinderella stories.

Her wanderlust has taken her across continents and many strangers have become friends along the way.  Often travelling solo, her portable watercolour kit is her only constant company.  A detail-oriented perfectionist, Miya graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and subscribes to a GSD (get shit done) work ethic.

  • Top 157cm under 157cm: Short Asian girl with a big camera and a big smile is usually how couples describe her.
  • 1st Place: Ice cream eating speed, chocolate collection amount, EDM-frenzies, mad photoshop skills.
  • Wanderlust Finalist: Travelled around the world (22 countries), and dedicated to continue.