Two photographers and One tripod.JuMi Tripod Project – Paris-DisneyEurope Prewedding selfie project


One of the many spontaneous decisions we’ve made this trip was visiting my hometown…I meant Disney Land Paris (Inserting screaming). On the subway back from scouting Eiffel Tower I saw Disneyland ads and spontaneously decided to go the morning after. Jun was very hesitant but I dragged him anyways.. because let’s be real, it’s DISNEYLAND!

We went to Disney World Orlando during the second year of our relationship and made some memories without Mr.Tritri. We also captured a proposal/engagement session of a couple who we became great friends with after the trip. So Disney became an iconic place that means a lot to us. Plus, girls and Disney seem to always have this intertwining relationship so I got my tickets right away when returned to our hotel.

“Vancouver “Vancouver“Vancouver

The next day we arrived before the gate opened, which was pretty early already but we learned from this Europe trip was that there would always be people earlier than us. We lined up outside of the park while I did all the makeup touch-ups. However, we had to enter along with all the early crowds so we weren’t able to get a shot without andy visitors like the other sessions we had. So there goes our empty wide shot!


Dealing with the crowd and the cold became a theme throughout our prewedding self-portrait project. We didn’t have a timelapse trigger at the time (which we eventually bought one later on in Prague) we had to countdown from 10 hoping there wouldn’t be photobombing… but this innocent looking little girl showed up at 8th second and appreciated Jun trying to show off his gym result.

“Vancouver “Vancouver “Vancouver “Vancouver “Vancouver “Vancouver “Vancouver

Jun was really digging the mickey mouse balloons and tried to look cool in a very cute place.

“Vancouver “Vancouver

The unicorn theme continuously stayed throughout our wedding planning process (The proposal and later on my proposal to my maid of honor), so I definitely had to bring it to this session!


I also casually found out that I’m as old as this Disneyland Paris.

“Vancouver “Vancouver


To be continued 🙂