#Wildreamiya Miya’s 25th Rooftop White Birthday PartyYaletown rooftop party millennial style

Being in the wedding industry, I knew what matters in life is often the people around us and alcohol.

After some months of planning, the “Rowdy Yaletown Rooftop All-white semi-boho semi-ghetto 25th Birthday Party” idea I had in mind became reality on a sunny Saturday night, 10 days before my official last day of being a 24th year old.

The ghetto part involves 50% of the decor I bought from China and assembled by hand, as well as the DIY Teepee photo station I put together, after having seen all the wedding decors and nervously thinking that I could totally do it.

The rowdy part is 100% contributed by the amazing friends and boyfriend I am blessed to have in life — they helped with taking down & Clean up, booze, the all-white part of the white party, and making the night one of the best nights I’ve ever had <3

Thank you all!!!! <3

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Miya's yaletown rooftop allwhite party

Miya’s yaletown rooftop allwhite party



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Catering: Truffle Fine Goods

DJ: DJ Chocha

Make up: Ann from Beauty X Makeup

Photographer: Juliette Nguyen

Edited by: JuMi Story

Thank you cards: Miya Gu Illustration

Venue: JuMi Story’s Yaletown HQ rooftop patio

  • Ahem.. That 'boyfriend' is now your fiancé haha!

    Your party was so magical, nothing ghetto about it at all. Everything was so perfect! I'm so happy I could be part of the celebration!!!!