Melanie & Jeffrey


8 years ago Mel was my go to target when I first started photography in Vancouver. We explored places so that I could practice my new techniques I learned on Google.

5 years ago my skills improved. She said she can’t wait for me to be the photographer the day that she finds her special someone.

2 years ago she introduced me that special someone named Jeffrey in Japan and I approved of him very much (he treated Miya and I to nice sushi, how can I not approve him?!)

This year Mel got engaged and had her engagement session at Granville Island. I was afraid of the result but I felt nothing but inspiration (kind of like “in the zone”)

They never looked at me to ask what they should be doing. They simply loved each other in front of my camera as every photo session should be. In my opinion, photographer’s greatest accomplishment is to teach/pose the couple how to love naturally in front of camera. Mel and Jeffrey was natural and barely needed any guidance.

The chemistry between them seemed carefree, genuine, and effortless.

Their honeymoon stage seems as if it came and never left.

I am so happy and honoured to capture your engagement session Melanie & Jeffrey! I hope you love as much as I love these photos. I can’t wait to attend your wedding in Taiwan in December!

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