Hawaii Destination

JuMi Hawaii001

Just a couple months ago our whole team were flown to Kona for a gorgeous Hawaiian destination wedding to escape the cold December winter in Vancouver.

Traveling together was like the genuine speeches at wedding receptions combined with the energy and laughter at Chinese door games. We had all the time to update each other about our life. We slept at the airport and played Charades on iPhone while waiting for a 6 hours delayed flight.  We wore colour matching shades of pink on the day of wedding since we all thought pink was the colour of Hawaii. Of course, every night we had so many heart to heart talks and plenty of card games! 

We stayed up late, ate till stuffed, and of course, complained about the heat. The clear ocean water reflecting the blue sky above was beautiful, we took out our favourite brands of camera (Canon, Sony, GoPro, iPhone…) and snapped like there were no tomorrow. It’s our favourite time when we finally all get some awesome pictures for ourselves enjoying the moment that lasts a lifetime.

JuMi Hawaii002 JuMi Hawaii003 JuMi Hawaii004 JuMi Hawaii005 JuMi Hawaii006 JuMi Hawaii007 JuMi Hawaii008 JuMi Hawaii009 JuMi Hawaii010 JuMi Hawaii011 JuMi Hawaii012 JuMi Hawaii013 JuMi Hawaii014 JuMi Hawaii015 JuMi Hawaii016 JuMi Hawaii017 JuMi Hawaii018 JuMi Hawaii019 JuMi Hawaii020 JuMi Hawaii021 JuMi Hawaii022 JuMi Hawaii023 JuMi Hawaii024 JuMi Hawaii025 JuMi Hawaii026 JuMi Hawaii027 JuMi Hawaii028 JuMi Hawaii029 JuMi Hawaii030 JuMi Hawaii031 JuMi Hawaii032 JuMi Hawaii033 JuMi Hawaii034 JuMi Hawaii035 JuMi Hawaii036 JuMi Hawaii037 JuMi Hawaii038 JuMi Hawaii039 JuMi Hawaii040 JuMi Hawaii041 JuMi Hawaii042 JuMi Hawaii043 JuMi Hawaii044 JuMi Hawaii045 JuMi Hawaii046 JuMi Hawaii047 JuMi Hawaii048 JuMi Hawaii049 JuMi Hawaii050 JuMi Hawaii051 JuMi Hawaii052 JuMi Hawaii053 JuMi Hawaii054 JuMi Hawaii055 JuMi Hawaii056 JuMi Hawaii057 JuMi Hawaii058 JuMi Hawaii059 JuMi Hawaii060 JuMi Hawaii061 JuMi Hawaii062 JuMi Hawaii063 JuMi Hawaii064 JuMi Hawaii065 JuMi Hawaii066 JuMi Hawaii067 JuMi Hawaii068 JuMi Hawaii071 JuMi Hawaii072 JuMi Hawaii073 JuMi Hawaii074