Candle Light NightJeslin & Hans

Jeslin brought up the idea of shooting at night with sparklers, which then evolved into an evening shoot lit purely with candles in jars and string lights. We collaborated with Past Pieces to complete our vision as they spent many hours decorating the set while we photographed around the garden and beach.

There is something so magical about candles. We become smitten with the dream-like aura it emanates, bringing us to a romanticized state of being. So what other way could more perfect to capture Jeslin and Hanz’s romantic pre-wedding photo shoot? From the garden of growth to the grand ocean of endless possibilities, and finally to their personalized space that radiates love, we were blessed to capture this beautiful and loving couple’s promise of forever. Shot after shot, only pure happiness and endless love shines from both Jeslin and Hanz’s faces.

We don’t have the opportunity to shoot in the evening very often so we were overwhelmed with inspiration that night. Even now, we are in awe of these beautiful encapsulated memories.

JeslinHanz001 JeslinHanz002 JeslinHanz003 JeslinHanz005 JeslinHanz007 JeslinHanz008 JeslinHanz009 JeslinHanz011 JeslinHanz012 JeslinHanz013 JeslinHanz014 JeslinHanz016 JeslinHanz017 JeslinHanz018 JeslinHanz019 JeslinHanz020 JeslinHanz021 JeslinHanz023 JeslinHanz024 JeslinHanz025 JeslinHanz027